Standard packaging

Standard Packaging

Different packets size, shapes, pack ingredients of smokeless tobacco and bidi are one of the major obstacles to proper implementation of GHW. Besides Tobacco Industry using attractive clour, Mosque theme design, Halal, Arabic Letter, Indian packets design with hindi letter, religious brand name, logo and clour (Muslim and Hindu) for draw customer attention. SLT products especially Jordha/Zordha using different brand element (Sade Gondhe Atullonio, best quality, Sade alada etc) and adding different flavor for creating positive mindset (Not Harmful) among the users.

For enact standard packaging, a research team will select a suitable pack, which is available in the market (Size, shape and colour will be different for bidi, Jordha & Gul) and tobacco manufacturers will be allowed to print a brand name and variant on their tobacco products, but the regulations standardize how these look, including where they must be on the pack, what type face and font size and colour will be used.

Tobacco package health messages have a significant impact on user’ Understanding of the risks of tobacco use. A significant proportion of adult and young smokers report that large package warnings have reduced their consumption levels, increased their likelihood of quitting, increased their motivation to quit, and increased the likelihood of remaining abstinent following a quit attempt. Prominent health warnings that cover a significant proportion of the package also have the potential to undermine a brand’s appeal and the impact of package displays at retail outlets.