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Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely (1,115.62 people per square kilometer) populated countries with 170 million people, 43% of whom live below the national poverty line. In Bangladesh 37.8 Million (GATS-2017) people are using tobacco and tobacco is one of the major causes to reduce poverty. In Bangladesh, there are many small and large tobacco companies who bypassed and ignore the rules and regulation of TC law in different ways. Mostly four types of tobacco products category (Cigarette, Bidi, Zordha and Gul) are used in Bangladesh. Among these 10, 12, & 20 stick paper pack use for Cigarette and 20-25 filter and non-filter round shape paper pack use for bidi and different shapes, structures, smaller round shape, pack.  Paper, round shape tin/plastic casket/box with attach additional paper, poly packet are using for packaging of Zordha and Gul Pack.

As per population census 2011 the overall 49% people are illiterate in Bangladesh. So, half of the population in Bangladesh was out of the target beneficiary from text warnings. Even pictures are also important to immigrants, temporary workers as well as individuals from minority language groups who may not yet be able to read the national language. Effective health warning labels provide direct health messages to smokers, raising awareness of their health risks and increasing the likelihood that they will reduce or quit tobacco use. Large graphic warnings that cover at least half of both primary tobacco package surfaces (front and back) are more effective than smaller warnings or those that contain only text.