TI Interference

Bangladesh government passed the tobacco control (TC) law in 2005 and amended in 2013 include the Graphic Health Warnings but Tobacco Company create barrier by different way to pass the rules and it takes 2 years  and passed the rules in 2015. For implement the GHWs on all tobacco pack the government amended the law but the company show different barriers that they will not be able to print GHWs image on the cigarette pack, if they should print then they need to import printing machine from abroad and it will take long time.  Through this they show the argument that every tobacco company will not be able to implement the GHWs because the price of the machine is too high and it is the less important fact, it is not work (Industry Argument).  But the Tobacco Control activists show the government that how Tobacco Company changes their packet (How many times, Variety, color) within a year. Then the government has passed the rules on 19 March 2015.  According to the TC law and rules Graphic Health Warnings (GHW) has been implemented from 19 March 2016. The way of GHWs implementation was not smooth. In the TC law and Rules GHWS must be cover 50% main display area on upper side of the tobacco pack but the company implements it on lower part of the tobacco pack.  The tobacco company file a case on High Court that to print the GHWs on lower side of the tobacco pack instead of Upper side. Then the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare announce a Interim notice as per court order to implement GHWs on the lower part of tobacco pack. Again Ministry of Health and Family Welfare withdraw the Interim Notice but again court stays this order.